Wednesday, December 30, 2009



I'm feeling a bit like crap, which my grandson (6 yrs) informed me this morning that crap is a cuss word but that turd was OK. Still, what ever word I use to describe my funk it seems to return every year! I can't seem to get enthusiastic or find the energy to do much and this makes me super bumed out and crazy! I always know it's coming and I always try to mentally prepare myself and gently remind myself that this is the time to just be.  In our world today we are expected to be producing all the time - this is just not natural. We're meant to rest, retreat and recharge at some point. I guess nature thinks this is the best time of the year to do this, because the weather is chilly or as it is here just down right freakin' cold and icy! I wonder if freakin' is on the cuss list? Or maybe we get the urge to hibernate because we were all bears in a past life ! Oh I bet that's it!
To cheer myself up a little I decided to go blog crusin' . I started with Kelly Snelling's blog and to my delight she was feeling her shadow self emerge and was in  the dumps too! And even better so were most of the people who left comments! I'm sorry that my cyber friends are feeling poopie (cuss word?) but to know that I'M NOT ALONE cheered me up!

Anyway, I'm going to go brush my hair get out some paints and enjoy the rest of the day...
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