Monday, September 28, 2009

I’m working on my next Sock Creature Workshop!

TaTaTiana the Pink Sock Creature!

This project has been so fun is coming along really well! This has been a bit of a surprise to me that there are so many who love these silly creatures!
It all started when my son and grandson needed to move back into our house after an unfortunate experience. We have a small home and the only extra bedroom was my art room. So I began clearing that room out. I boxed up everything to store until we could get our lives back on track. I had discovered a neat book called “Stupid Sock Creatures” by John Murphy a few months before and had made one of the creatures following one of his patterns in the book. It was so easy and the creature turned out so cute that I had to try my hand at making up my own pattern for a sock creature of my very own…SO I did and “Apricot Star” was born!

Also about that same time I had seen that Stampington & Company was coming out with a new publication called “Stuffed: A Gathering of Softies” and that they were taking new submissions. Since my sock creatures were getting boxing up with all the rest of my stuff I thought I’d send them off to Stampington & Company’s headquarters in Laguna Hills, California for a vacation! Well, they arrived and were accepted for the first issue! This snowballed from here! Scott Publication called on me and wanted to know if I’d do something for their magazine called “Soft Dolls & Animals”. I said sure and this is when "Ernestine R. Renberry" was born!

I received a call from Susan Bane who owns ChiArt Studios downtown Wichita. She had seen my creatures and wanted to know if I’d give a workshop and teach other how to make a sock creature of their own. Of course, I said yes!

I gave that workshop and let me tell you there were some really crazy creatures created that day! Everyone had such a good time and I had more fun than I can remember in a long time! I enjoyed meeting all the ladies who became my new friends and look forward to meeting more new friends at the next workshop on October 18th where I will teach you how to make TaTaTiana. Along with learning how to make sock creatures for yourself and for gifts to give your friends and family, this workshop will also be helping with breast cancer awareness.
TaTaTiana is going to raise a few bucks to help save the TaTa’s!

Here’s a little close up of TaTaTiana’s healthy TaTa’s!

For workshop information about this Pink Sock Creature workshop write to Susan at:
Or me, Becci at:

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