Friday, May 08, 2009

Sock Creature Workshop (PARTY!)

June 13th, 2009 - 9:00am at
ChiART 1007 W. Douglas Street in the Delano District
Wichita, Kansas
ChiART will be hosting this creative party, and will be instructed by Becci Renfro!
You will learn to make and finish a “naked” Sock Creature.
Becci’s sock creatures have been featured in the premier issue of
and will be in the fall issue of

$75 per person will cover all the supplies you’ll need, lunch,
and tons of fun!

The two creatures you see here are from the same pattern. You can see how different each sock creature can be with just a little change and your own individual personality!

Above is Snooty Toots. He’s not stuck up - not by any means - but he does have quite a snoot and yes…he toots! You will make a creature resembling him for this workshop.

Above is Ernestine R. Renberry. She is made with the same pattern as Snooty Toots but I used a white sock and added silly eyes! There is a sweet story behind Ernestine. My father-in-law passed away this year so in his memory Ernestine is made from a pair of his tube socks. Her necklace belonged to my mother-in-law and the dress and hat are from my collection of vintage doll clothes. Ernestine will be passed down in our family for years to come and loved in the memory of Ernie R. Renfro.

For questions or additional information about this creative party, contact:
Susan Bane at ChiArt(316) 316.558.5750 or email Susan at
Becci Renfro, (316) 721-5639 or email Becci at

Have a great hair day! Becci

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