Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Layer Love Lesson 1

This is the result of lesson 1 and my first "Layer Love" painting

Visit my good friend Julie's blog: http://lostluggage.typepad.com/the_land_of_lost_luggage/

This is a really good on line workshop and is done so well!

We're going to do so many projects, I think 9 all together!

Very worth it!

I enjoyed Julie's process and by the time I finished my first painting I was excited to do another one right away! I didn't because I was so tired from my long day!

Things I noticed while I was painting...

Messy placement is a good thing.

Catching the paint at just the right time for texture and scratches is harder than I thought.

My perfectionism wasn't raising it's critical head this time...Wonder why? I think it's because I was "getting it"!

The Windson Newton acrylices I have are transparent and beautiful!

"Layer Love" I think I get you!

Have a great "Layer Love" and hair day!

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