Saturday, December 27, 2008

How to Sew a Creatures Nose by Becci Renfro

What you will need to sew a dimensional face on your soft doll or creature:

  • Your Soft doll or creature, of course. You can make one your self , check Goodwill or yard sales etc. or buy a plain one at the craft store already made and then use this technique to spiffy it up with some dimension.

  • Long needle. Look in the doll making supply section at your hobby store.

  • Heavy upholstery thread to match the face unless you are going to paint your creature with acrylic paint. In that case the color of the thread won't matter at all.
  • Pen or pencil to draw in the lines for your nose, mouth, brows or?

I think that's about it...

If you have a question leave me a comment and

I'll get back with you ASAP!

Some tips on needle sculpting:

  • After sewing back and forth only a few inches pull the thread. If you sew too long of a row and then pull sometimes it's hard for the thread to tighten properly and the thread can break. ARGGG! It's hard to break upholstery thread but it can be done so just go easy and you'll be OK...
  • When pulling your thread you may not need to pull very tight. If you like how your critter is looking then keep it looser. If not then pull as tight as you want! Remember just be gentle.

After my creature is sewn and I'm happy with it's face I'm going to paint him with acrylic paint. Stampington & Company will be launching a brand new magazine titled "Stuffed" … in this new magazine I will describe how I paint my creatures...So0o000o stay in touch!

If you noticed yes, there is a butt on my work table in the background! Cute isn't it? HA! This is the body for the Santa I'm making which I hope to get finished for this Christmas. He is needled sculpted just like the creature I'm demonstrating here in this post. So you see, it's endless what can be done with needle sculpting soft dolls or creatures!

Have a great hair day! Becci

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