Saturday, May 19, 2007

aRT & sOUL rETREAT 2007

I took the leap and bought 2 classes for the Art & Soul Retreat 2007 in Portland, Oregon! I've wanted to do this for quite some time now and feel so000oo good that I'm able to do this! Each class is expensive, registration is expensive, flight, hotel, expensive but it's an experience and hey what else better could I spend my $$$ for? I work so I can receive money to go do the things I really want to do, right! I GO GIRL! :-)
My first class is with Angela Cartwright's "Gesso Soup-Kick it up a Notch" on Friday and the second class is with Ramona and Thomas Ashman's "House of Secrets".
One really bad thing is it's not till OCTOBER! Just like Christmas when you're a kid, this is going to be a long frickin' wait! Actually it will get here and I'll be back to regular self saying " How the heck is time flying by so fast!" HA!

Here is a picture of the 'Stupid Sock Creature" I made for a swap on the new Yahoo Group I'm in called "CreepyCrafts".

Click here to join creepycrafts
Click to join creepycrafts

So far we're not really too creepy and there aren't too many members but those of us who are there a re enjoying what we're up to!

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